Street Performances



The TUTIK CLOWNS – Gari, Montxo & Joselontxo – also get their shows to the street for the happiness of all the children and parents. Everybody can enjoy the magic, joy and circus ambience on the streets thanks to TUTIK CLOWNS’ humour. On the stage or on the pavement…


Theatres are the best space, apart from circus, of course, to enjoy to the maximal TUTIK CLOWNS shows. Why? Because all the audience, children and parents, are comfortably seated and can enjoy without distractions of everything happening on stage.

In theatres, mimic, comic and the art of TUTIK CLOWNS – Gari, Montxo & Joselontxo – can be admired in a singular way and costumes and sets get a wider prominence.

These are some of the theatres were TUTIK CLOWNS shows have been staged:


  • Ermua Zinema (Ermua)
  • Lonbo Aretoa (Arrigorriaga)
  • Barakaldo Antzokia (Barakaldo)
  • Social Antzokia (Basauri)
  • Kafe Antzokia (Bilbao),
  • Arriola Kultur Aretoa (Elorrio)
  • Torrezabal Kultur Etxea (Galdakao)
  • Lizeo Antzokia (Gernika)
  • Kultur Leioa (Leioa)
  • Amaia Udal Antzokia (Arrasate)
  • Errenteria K.G. (Errenteria)
  • Latxartegi Aretoa (Legazpi)
  • Leidor Antzokia (Tolosa)
  • Sarobe (Urnieta)
  • Labeaga Aretoa (Urretxu)
  • Kursaal Congress Hall (San Sebastian)
  • Cultural Centres of San Sebastián
  • Cultural Centres of Pamplona
  • Cultural Centres of Bilbao
  • Cultural Centres of Vitoria


  • Gare du Midi – Biarritz
  • Palais des Congrès de Bordeaux
  • Zénith d’Orléans
  • Zénith d’Amiens


This is our best and most loved performing space! This is clowns paradise: CIRCUS!

When we are on the ring and we feel audience warmth around us and we feel them staring to us, we are so happy that we do all the best to get them roar with laughter.

We feel ourselves heir of the great circus clowns tradition: a long and old saga of singular characters that have made laugh our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents… creating a fantastic legend which we feel part of.

It is an honour to be part of such a complete show like circus, sharing the ring with aerial artists, acrobats, animals, magicians, jugglers and many other international acts which form THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.

We have already worked in many European circuses:

Cirque de Noël (France)        Passauer Weihnachtscircus (Germany)


Cirque Pinder   (France)                            Gran Circo Mundial (Spain)

Logo Pinder                  Logo Circo Mundial

 Circo Holiday (Spain)                            Cirque Medrano   (France)

LOgo Holiday            Logo Medrano


Circ Raluy (Catalonia)                  Cirque Jules Verne Amiens (France)

Logo Raluy            Logo Amiens


Cirque Lydia Zavatta (Francie)

Logo Lydia

Tutik Clowns