The new spectacular Christmas show of Gari, Montxo & Joselontxo – Tutik Clowns! The Tutik Clowns, Gari, Montxo & Joselontxo, are organizing a huge party for this Christmas. You won’t miss laughs, humour, music, adventures, songs… and big surprises! Format: 3 clowns Duration: one hour  

  • Kolore

    Yeh! Here come the clowns! And they introduce us into a wonderful and colourful world: “Kolore” TUTIK CLOWNS – Gari, Montxo & Joselontxo bring us a new brand show full of funny stories and frenetic adventures. They invite audience of all ages into their particular circus, plenty of magic, music and fantasy, being humour and … Continue reading Kolore

  • Supituki

    TUTIK CLOWNS – Gari, Montxo & Joselontxo- show is going to start, playing music as usual. But they’ve got a big headache: the great trumpet player who must give a fabulous concert in the show is not going to arrive in time! But show must go on, as children are eager to laugh and enjoy … Continue reading Supituki