TUTIK CLOWNS – Gari, Montxo & Joselontxo- show is going to start, playing music as usual. But they’ve got a big headache: the great trumpet player who must give a fabulous concert in the show is not going to arrive in time!

But show must go on, as children are eager to laugh and enjoy with them. Gari is able to do some magic tricks so he’ll try to keep children amused in order to gain time. Montxo and Joselontxo will try to help him, but as always, instead of helping, they will create a bigger mess.

At the end, and suddenly, everything gets in order and during an hour everybody has enjoyed with the comic, music, participation and joy of TUTIK CLOWNS – Gari, Montxo & Joselontxo.

Format : 3 clowns

Duration: 1 hour

Promotional items: The Company will provide all the poster and pictures needed