TUTIK CLOWNS - Gari, Montxo & Joselontxo


The incredible show to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the TUTIK CLOWNS!

The TUTIK CLOWNS, Gari, Montxo & Joselontxo, we are celebrating our 25th anniversary on the stage and at festivals in the Basque Country and in Europe’s top circus rings. And to celebrate this properly, we are presenting a new show that is packed full of thrills, magic, music and humour: PETITXOU.

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They embody all of the joy, excitement and gentle humour that every circus show needs. They are among the major icons that children and adults alike want to see in the big top.
Unmissable characters in any circus show.


The magic of their stage area, their lights, their scenery and the atmosphere that they create allows you to better appreciate and enjoy every detail of the show: the miming, the pace, the set design and the costumes.

Ladies and gentlemen…

– The show is about to begin –

New Show

– Petitxou –

The 25th anniversary super show!


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Gari, Montxo and Joselontxo, the TUTIK CLOWNS are celebrating 25 years on Basque stages and in Europe’s circus rings.