Gari the “Whiteface Clown” is the driving force behind the clown play. His white make-up, topped off with his characteristic black eyebrow, highlights the uniqueness of this refined, distinguished and aristocratic character, dressed in eye-catching and elegant costumes.
He’s the big brother of the group – smart, sarcastic, always ready to give orders – inspiring both the respect and admiration of his companions.


Montxo “the Auguste” provides the comedy in the group. He’s chatty, naughty, mischievous, cheerful and fun.
He looks down on his companion the Whiteface Clown, believing that he’s more intelligent than him, but he becomes embarrassed or astonished when the Whiteface Clown shows off his knowledge.
He has the experience of a grownup but is hampered by the logic of a child.


Joselontxo, “the Contra-Auguste”. This is the “naïve” character in the group. Innocent, good-natured, without any malice.
An admirer and inseparable follower of his brother Montxo, with whom he gets into scrapes and shares his inventions and adventures.
Always willing to do anything, although sometimes he unintentionally messes up the work of his other two companions.